I created these dynamic fitness workouts to fill a void in the fitness world by providing HIGH INTENSITY, LOW IMPACT, MIND/BODY INTERVAL WORK with flow and rhythm. These fitness segments safely streamline the body and torch calories without all the harsh jumping that can cause injury to the body. Using unique variations on traditional moves from disciplines such as martial arts, boxing, dance, yoga, and Pilates, Blissful Fitness™ will elevate your heart rate safely and effectively, while providing strength and endurance.

These workouts offer cardio and strength intervals that will increase your resting metabolic rate thereby allowing your body to become an efficient machine that works for you by burning fat and using energy (calories) to build lean muscle. Blissful Fitness™ provides a full body cardio and strength workout that offers http://www.pccov.org/malynok/2570 BIG RESULTS IN LITTLE TIME.

Why Blissful Fitness is Good for You

Blissful fitness is a powerful tool in your fitness arsenal, because it gives you all the benefits of High intensity interval training (HIIT), without the high impact. We will manipulate the heart rate up and down… using intervals to keep us in the ultimate fat burning zone.

Blissful fitness uses diverse moves from various workout disciplines and combines them all in one place for your advantage. Blissful Fitness provides the best of ALL worlds, creatively torching calories while toning the body, and targeting all over strength in the arms, core, back, legs, butt and hips. You’ll build endurance, stability, strength and balance in this heart pumping workout that respects the mind/ body discipline.

Why Blissful Fitness is the Best for You

Unlike other HIIT programs, which require a lot of high impact moves and can be stressful on the joints, BF gives you the same heart pumping workouts, without the high stress impact. We will safely keep you in the ultimate fat burning zone for the most effective and efficient results. Breaking down workouts into quick 10 min segments gives you full freedom to grow with the program as you get stronger and more fit. So you’ll never plateau, as you change, and add to your playlists for endless variety. See immediate, consistent and remarkable results!

Great Blissful Fitness Intro Videos

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All Blissful Fitness Videos

  • ARMS & ABS

    We’ll get the body burning & moving with this full stretch, strength & streamlining workout with an emphasis on toning arms & sculpting abs.


    Challenge the core & stabilize the full body with this 10 minute sequence that combines strength & balance. You’ll get warm & focused with this well ‘balanced’ segment.


    Twist & balance your way to purification as you wring out toxins from the body, heart & mind. “Feel the burn & find your bliss” in this intensely deep physical practice, designed to strengthen, stretch & balance.


    Channel your inner fighter with this segment which is specially targeted to amp up the heart rate & challenge the full body to its very edge. Punch, kick & squat your way to the perfect body with this intense segment . . . NOT for the weak of heart!


    This video targets the full body with an emphasis on upper body definition. You’ll get a blissful burn in arms, abs, chest, back & shoulders… with some bonus fun in balance & legs.


    In this fun & athletic segment, we’ll target the FULL body, with a strong emphasis on lower body & lateral movement! So get ready to work those side body muscles that don’t get activated everyday! Streamline & strengthen with this heart pumping workout.


    We’ll get deep in our core while building flexibility and targeting front & side waist.


    ALL of our movement originates from the power of our core. This fierce 10 min series will have you breaking a sweat as you strengthen and mobilize your center.


    This 10 minute core workout will cut your abs through a series of strong fitness poses based on isometric holds and deep core movement.


    From knee lifts & lunges to squats & cardio, this segment has it all...from arms & abs, to glutes & quads. Get firm, get fit, and get GOING!


    This workout is JUST that. A full body focused segment that will burn & blast away weakness! Get strong, get fit & get moving with this lunging, twisting, curtseying, flow.


    Combine moves from boxing, barre, yoga, martial arts, fitness, and dance in this fully comprehensive mind/body montage. You’ll work the full body, with a little extra love for the legs.


    We’ll narrow the waist, streamline the hips & thighs & get DEEP in this active segment which targets the full body but emphasizes obliques, tranverse core, outer hips, outer & inner thighs and legs. You’ll balance, breathe and burn in this fun athletic segment.


    Add a cardio-flow element to your full upper body work with this intense, yet fun & flowing full body sequence with an emphasis on arms, chest, back & shoulders.


    In this segment, we’ll get lower body work in chair flow, as well as some great hip-opening, balancing, and final stretching to build & maintain suppleness in the spine.


    Adding light weights to a fitness ‘yoga’ flow amps up the energy & challenge in this fun segment. Get strong & streamlined as we focus on legs, waist, arms & side body extension.

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