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Healthy Eating Resources

Posted on 01-13-2010 by admin

We all need a little help along the way when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. My philosophy is to help you create a life of ‘living well’. This means eliminating the OR, and trading up for the AND. Learn how to eat foods that are healthy AND delicious. Find workouts that are effective AND fun. Choose workout clothes that are functional AND fashionable AND budget friendly. Here are some of my favorite sites that always help me find my “AND”!

fitnessmagazine.com and SHAPE.com are excellent and easily navigated sites that offer tips on everything from quick workouts you can do at your desk, to affordable running shoes. They focus on REAL people with realistic goals and provide advice that is accessible and easily implemented no matter what your fitness level or schedule restraints.

Gray’s Anatomy - No, not the ABC show (though a little McDreamy and McSteamy action is ALWAYS good for the heart). I’m actually talking about ‘The Anatomy of the Human Body’ by Henry Gray. Originally published in 1918, it remains the quintessential book on the Human Body. With exquisite drawings and comprehensive detail, you’d be hard pressed to find a better source of information. MAYBE not the best beach reading, but great to develop an awareness of your own miraculous human body.

OrganicEating.com – a great healthy resource that provides important information on the benefits of an organic diet. While on both coasts, farmers’ markets and organic foods are in huge demand, the middle of the country may find it more difficult to regularly find access to organic foods. This site can help! Despite it’s name, the information on the site applies to much more than just food! Learn how to be environmentally friendly AND get healthy at the same time.

CookingLight.com – their mission statemnt is: “making healthy taste great”. Now THAT is the kind of “AND” I am talking about! I have made myriad recipes from this site, and they remain some of my perennial favorites. From beef stroganoff to peanut butter cookies… learn the lighter versions of all your favorite comfort foods, and start to live healthier without sacrificing flavor or the food you love!

To your Health!

~ Elise

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