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LOVE is the “new Black”

Posted on 02-13-2013 by Elise Joan

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and in the spirit of openness and vulnerability (which are key components of any kind of LOVE) .... i am sharing a brief journal entry of mine.  just a thought.  in love, as in anything else, we all have our own truth.  i have never played it "safe" in my life choices.  i have always been a risk taker, a faith leaper, an edge jumper, and a dreamer.  So this Valentine's Day, i am committed to remaining fearless in LOVE.  unafraid to be vulnerable.  unafraid to be honest. unafraid to be hurt.  unafraid to be emotional.   unafraid to be myself..... and unafraid to LOVE big.  whatever the cost.

Life is an adventure.... enjoy the ride. real, true, vibrant LOVE is the ultimate reward.  Never Settle.  Be vigilant in your commitment to LOVE.  Be passionate.  Be expressive.  Be true.  Be Fearless.

Happy Valentine's Day.


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