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Raise the Barre!

Take your barre work to the NEXT level with my fun, comprehensive, results-driven 60-day Barre Blend program!


Vision Board

Ryan Reynolds and other tangible goals

Have you made a vision board? It can be fun, creative way to list out you personal goals.

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Fitbit Local Ambassador

Meet Your Fitbit Local Ambassadors: Los Angeles, CA

I’m am officially your Los Angeles Fitbit Ambassador! What are your fitness goals? Read the full article here.  

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New Beauty Bodu

How To Change Your Body Shape With Yoga | NewBeauty Body

For those looking for a way wake up your body try this 5 min Yoga warm up.

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Yoga Fitness Plus

Yoga Fitness Plus with: Elise

Here’s a full length Yoga flow from my days at Exercise TV. Check it out!

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Getting personal with Elise Joan Bliss

Getting personal with Elise Joan

So wonderful talking with Harriet Hubbard. Take a look at the interview here!  

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Time with Friends

Check out this video blog I did on how friends can help you keep your fitness goals and strengthen your zen.

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I always love your feedback and reviews. Keep them coming! Read the review here.

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Elise Joan Youtube

Elise Joan Fitness YouTube Channel

Check out my YouTube channel for access to some of my videos, blogs, and healthy eating tips!        

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Elise Joan

Elise Joan Fitness

With all this heat I am missing the holidays. Here is an older piece of mine to bring us back to these cool, merry times. Read the article here.

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Shape 20 Minute Makeover

Shape 20 Minute Makeover

Throwing it back to some work I did with SHAPE.

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