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Raise the Barre!

Take your barre work to the NEXT level with my fun, comprehensive, results-driven 60-day Barre Blend program!


Destination LA: Abbot Kinney

Here’s another article I did for LA Yoga magaizine about Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach. Read the whole article here!

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Vision Board

Vision Board: Setting Goals & Being Accountable

Creating a vision board is a fun way to visually list out your goals and what inspires you/ gives you motivations to achieve your goals. If you can see it and visualize yourself doing it, you can achieve it. Take a look at a vision board I did for myself and then try making your […]

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Cardio Conditioning

Here’s a 10 minute cardio burst you can do at home, the gym, the park, anywhere!

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Elise Joan

Check out my profile on Daily Bliss Yoga. Daily Bliss offers yoga retreats in incredible locations. If you’re wanting an incredible yoga retreat, this may be a great option for you. Read my full profile here.

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How Divorce Changed My Relationship — with Yoga

Many people feel a pressure to strive for perfection. Failing is not an option, so we push ourselves to be flawless. But sometimes we do fail, and that’s ok. To lessen the blow of failing and to help get you through the tough times, it’s healthy to find an outlet to guide you and give […]

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Healthy Tip

Healthy Tip

Try to get outside for at least a few minutes a day. Soak up that Vitamine D!

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Greens and Grains Bowls

Greens and Grains Bowls on SideChef with Elise Joan

Here is a video I did for SideChef about easy, healthy meals you can prepare. Butternut Squash & Cranberry Quinoa Bowl Recipe Serves 1 Ingredients: 1 cup roasted butternut squash 2 tbsp dried cranberries 1 cup shredded kale 1 cup cooked quinoa ¼ Lemon chia dressing For Lemon chia dressing: 1 lemon 1 tsp chia […]

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Goddess Pose

Goddess Pose

Check out this Goddess Pose for a simple 2 min workout!

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Firm Lower Body

Firm Lower Body

Try this workout for a firmer lower body!

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We spend so much time overthinking and preparing for the worst case scenario, but we should think and pepare for the life we want to live. Try using Affirmative statements starting with “I am…[insert positive statement] to help bring strength and positivity into your life.

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