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Flow, breathe and move consistently in this energetic dancing sequence designed to target heart-rate, flexibility, strength, endurance and balance. Practice this sequence over and over again to gain balance, focus and stamina.

In this segment, we’ll work on binds. Be aware, it won’t happen all at once. Continue to practice with me, and I’ll help you build the flexibility, balance and strength for these binds, which are excellent tools to help us free our hearts and deepen our resolve and our practice. Ironically, these binds are very liberating and help open us up to the values of a daily Yoga practice. We’ll elongate legs and waist with these variations in ‘side angle pose’ and ‘bird of paradise’. Feel free to fall & try again! We’ll also breathe through hip-opening chair poses, arm balances and ‘supreme balance’ in Downward Dog. Add on some twisting half-moon poses and this 10 minute segment ALONE is a full workout!