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Workout Segment


Channel your inner fighter with this segment which is specially targeted to amp up the heart rate & challenge the full body to its very edge. Punch, kick & squat your way to the perfect body with this intense segment . . . NOT for the weak of heart!

An opportunity to channel your inner ‘mixed martial artist’! We’ll get strong cardio intervals as we punch, kick and squat our way to full body perfection! We’ll start off jabbing & crossing our way into a cardio warm-up. From here, we’ll add on more boxing moves to define the arms, chest, legs & hips. We’ll continue to work through squats, lunges, hamstring repeaters, squat curtseys, and much, much more! This is not for the feint of heart, so you may need to take breaks during the sets if you’re a beginner, but don’t worry! By continuing to practice with me, you’ll build that endurance in no time! This heart-pumping combo is sure to get you in fighting shape!