Elise Joan Fitness



Workout Segment


Fold over leg lifts, standing splits, curtsey lunges… We’ll combine all these elements to give you the jaw-dropping gluteals, and an all over toned physique.

This one has it all! Flexibility and strength are explored & advanced with fold over leg lifts, standing splits and curtsey lunges. Use the strength and power of the full body in this “calorie torching” segment. We’ll get right to work in funky chair balance, then get into our fold over leg series on each side. Add side-body work to that for the front & back body with waist narrowing half moon exercises. Then precision work in standing splits & full body burn in curtsey lunges (my most requested move!).  Round all this out with happy cow stretches and a bonus hip blast, and you won’t BELIEVE how much work can be fit into 10 short minutes!