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rencontre gratuite 39 This segment is alllllllll about the seat! Get it round, toned, tight, & lifted. Have fun & breathe as you burn and balance your way to a fantastic derriere.

http://onsc4x4.com/?mariypol=rencontres-amicales-cantal&ffe=c4 This segments focuses on work in standing splits.  Simultaneously cultivate balance and improve flexibility as you carve yourself the perfect seat.  We’ll begin with some hip opening leg work with attitude swings.  From here, we’ll move to back attitude lifts each side, which will strengthen not only the back gluteals, but the side glutes and side waist as well.  Prevent the deadly “muffin top” and avoid or reduce dreaded “saddlebags” by working the gluteus minimus, maximus, and medius.  Then we add balance & more hip-opening functionality with standing split lifts.