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KickAsana™ Yoga

The practice of yoga has been connecting people to their bodies & hearts for thousands of years. This time-tested practice has myriad incarnations, and benefits the functionality of both body and mind. My KickAsana™ Yoga is based in Vinyasa Flow, which most literally translates to “the linking of breath to movement.” Practicing with me, you’ll channel your inner athlete, and allow the body to breathe & move with grace and strength. I draw from my background in dance and Yoga to create a series of movements that are simultaneously safe and dynamic, as well as energetic and efficient. One pose flows fluidly to the next as I encourage you to “ MOVE LIKE YOURSELF” and push your “edge” each time you come to the mat.

The KickAsana™ series will IMPROVE BALANCE, CULTIVATE FLEXIBILITY, AND TARGET FULL BODY STRENGTH. With an emphasis on core, upper body, and legs, you will sweat and streamline as you move and breathe to the music. My experience in creating and leading comprehensive “open level flows” enables me to create workouts that are clear enough for beginners, yet challenging to even the most advanced practitioners. So set your intentions, grab your positive energy, and meet me on the mat!

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    Flow, breathe and move consistently in this energetic dancing sequence designed to target heart-rate, flexibility, strength, endurance and balance. Practice this sequence over and over again to gain balance, focus and stamina.


    This segment will flow with lunges, crescents and plank work to shape and tone the entire physique, with a hard-core emphasis on the lower body. From glutes & hamstrings, to thighs and abs, we’ll get all over tone.


    Experience the ultimate challenge for balance as we fly through eagle variations, allowing our hearts to soar, as our bodies get grounded. Legs, abs, shoulders, hips, and seat work will all feature heavily in this challenging flow.


    Working on half-moon & twisting half-moon balances in combinations with warrior flows, this segment will lengthen the body, open the mind, and elongate the legs & side waist. Give yourself permission to fall, and keep getting back up to practice this segment over and over ... Gaining more stability with each practice.


    In this ultimate wind-down, we’ll get deep into full body stretches with folds, twists, backbends, hip-openers and many more. There will still be a strengthening balancing element, but the focus is on stretching and rest.


    In this most basic intro, you’ll go through several sun salutations and learn various ‘vinyasa ’options, and even some Sanskrit terminology. So wake up the body with this gentle spinal stretching series designed to safely build-up heat. Full body warm up.


    Using vinyasas & basic warrior positions, this sequence will help you link breath to movement, meditation and strength. Full body warm-up.


    A fun, flowing variation on the basic sun salutations. This sequence will warm you up safely & build heat with yoga push-ups, warriors, vinyasas and chair poses.


    In this flowing sequence, you’ll detox & clarify with lots of purifying twists.  We’ll narrow the waist, tone the arms and get deep in the legs and seat. With this full body flow, you’ll move with your breath and find the edge of your endurance.


    This segment will flow you from arms & abs to twists & crescents. An all-encompassing sequence that gets into all areas of the physique for a well-rounded, full body workout.


    This segment will shape tone & define you from crown to core. an emphasis on flowing warriors and leg slimming standing work balances some strong vinyasas and balancing lunges in warrior 3. Not for the faint of heart!


    Staying active in our wind-down, we will play with challenging standing stretches , and boat poses to streamline the core & cultivate balance. Then bring it down to the mat for final comprehensive stretches and rest.

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