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INSPIRE Me: Danielle Paige

I really believe that the energy we put out into the world comes back to us. Well… I guess I must be doing SOMETHING right to have so many wonderful, talented, generous people to brighten my world, enliven my spirit, and make me a better person for knowing them. SO. In an effort to “pay it forward”, I am going to pass my good fortune on to YOU, and create a blog series called “INSPIRE me” to introduce you to one of these incredible people each installment. I hope you enjoy their talents and gifts and spirit as much as I have!

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Interview with a Yoga Instructor

Here is an interview i did back in July!  thought I’d share with y’all! MEET ELISE.one of the busiest, happiest people i’ve ever met. and an amazing fitness instructor, actress, human being.  what’s the best part of your day?  it’s hard to say, because each of my days is SO different. aside from waking up and […]

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balancing act

This week in my open level Yoga classes, i have been creating a great deal of sequencing around balancing poses. warrior 3.  half moon.  even some renegade arm balancing series. the purpose of this work, goes well beyond the ability to be poised on one leg, or balance on your hands. Balance must be cultivated […]

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Happy Campers

2012 has been the year of saying “YES” to life.  for me…. so much of what I consider my yoga practice occurs miles and miles off my mat.  it occurs high above the ground on a flying trapeze, or miles into the ocean on a deep sea fishing adventure.  My practice manifests in a joyful […]

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June Gloom

Last night after returning home from a truly breathtaking performance by my good friend & yoga student, i of COURSE posted on facebook… heralding my good fortune at being blessed by a life filled with such inspiring & talented friends.  Now… if you’re my friend on facebook you know a few things: a) i love […]

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A Leap of Faith

I just finished re-reading “the alchemist”, a book which always touches my soul on a profound level…. reminding me that we are all capable of great & limitless miracles.  In my life, i have always done my very best to follow my heart.  Sometimes, this has caused a great deal more anguish than ecstasy, but […]

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“Survey Says…….”

I have been on a recent kick of saying “YES” to life, and all the many opportunities it presents.  so when this random survey appeared in my in-box from someone i hardly even remember meeting… instead of immediately deleting, and marking as spam… i decided to fill it out, and post it as a Blog. […]

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i “Like” my friends

Recently, while revamping this website, i took a little hiatus from blogging and found myself playing on facebook quite a bit. it began slowly (as most pseudo-addictions do).  a status here… a photo album there….. ONCE in awhile MAYBE a “check-in. after a time, i found that i was writing less and less in my […]

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5 Things I’m grateful for today: 1) my breath 2) my Black Cherry “Manduka Pro” Yoga Mat 3) my Rip Curl summer wetsuit 4) my friend Justin for detailing my pink beach cruiser 5) chocolate chip pancakes, from Blue Plate on Montana This morning I woke up and practically BOUNDED out of bed. Now, on […]

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!  This morning, January 1, I woke up feeling…. different.  (And not simply because I had imbibed an inordinate amount of pink champagne at various NYE festivities, and kissed a few friends (and maybe even one or two strangers) last night as the ball dropped)…..  Different, because I know that today is a […]

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