Growing up as a ballet dancer, I know the value that a workout rooted in classical dance has for streamlining the body, improving posture, nurturing flexibility, and defying the effects of gravity. Not for the faint of heart, my Ballet Bliss™ includes ballet barre techniques woven into a fat-burning, strength-building athletic workout.

NO PREVIOUS DANCE EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED to enjoy this series, which is accessible to the novice, yet challenging enough for the pros. You will never plateau as you strengthen, lift, tone and shape in my all-level ballet conditioning workouts. Cultivate a deep burn in your body as you find muscle fatigue to expedite your results..

Get balanced, get strong, align your spine and enjoy the flow!

Why Ballet is Good for You

Ballet conditioning will increase your resting metabolic rate by creating long, lean, toned muscles. My targeted ballet moves can actually permanently improve posture, and create more length in the spine.

Ballet strengthens and stretches the hips and shoulders, with a focus on improving full body flexibility. These dance moves quickly open up the body, from hips to heart center. Ballet helps increase bone density, and joint stability, while intensely toning up the core.

Why Ballet is Good for You

  • Confidence and Strength
    Improve your self-esteem along with your core and full body power
  • Balance and Flexibility
    Keep fluidity in the body heart and mind while learning the power of balance
  • Dynamic Movement
    Get cardiovascular benefits, as well as a strong body by moving with control

In addition to physical strength and pliability, My Ballet Bliss will also aid in the development of self-confidence as you learn what your body and mind are capable of. I will help you develop a sense of grace… both in movement and in mentality. Unlike more regimented and classical ballet barre videos, The ‘bliss’ part of Ballet Bliss is total freedom to move like yourself! So cultivate a sense of individuality in your movements, with fewer rules to follow, and more fun.

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