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Self Care

Like most of the women I know, every day I make a “to do” list. Whether we are moms, students, entrepreneurs, or 9-5ers, we have a seemingly endless cue of things & people who need our attention. We fill our lists with things like: “call mom”, “re-order business cards”, and “buy organic non-gmo almond butter”. […]

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When Equinox asked me to support/lead this year’s Cycle for Survival, I was beyond honored… and also a bit unsure. Though I have taught Schwinn style cycle for years, my wheelhouse is really yoga. The ujai breathing style of Vinyasa flow is completely different from the breath needed to sustain hours on a bike. So […]

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Fitbit Local Ambassador

Meet Your Fitbit Local Ambassadors: Los Angeles, CA

I’m am officially your Los Angeles Fitbit Ambassador! What are your fitness goals? Read the full article here.  

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Elise Joan - Top Trainer and Yogi

Top Trainer and Yogi in Santa Monica, California

Elise Joan is a top trainer and yogi in Santa Monica, California known for her innovative, inspirational and motivational approach to exercise.  Elise’s unique fitness style & inspiring yoga flows are highly influenced by her early years as a soloist with a Ballet Company in Virginia, and her previous career as an actor; both onstage […]

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20 Day Nutrition

About a year ago, on New Years Day, my friend Danika and I were challenged to a 30 day ‘clean eating’ cleanse.  An oil change for the body of sorts.  Essentially, a rather strict version of a Paleo regimen, It was designed to cut sugar cravings and eliminate alcohol and processed foods.  The cleanse touted […]

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Photo Bliss

Some fun images from my latest adventures….. on the mat and OFF! [nggallery id=1]

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LOVE is the “new Black”

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and in the spirit of openness and vulnerability (which are key components of any kind of LOVE) …. i am sharing a brief journal entry of mine.  just a thought.  in love, as in anything else, we all have our own truth.  i have never played it “safe” […]

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A Discussion on Ayn Rand

Anyone who knows me, understands that i am a voracious reader, and i enjoy all kinds of literature from fiction, to histories to self – help.  Yesterday, as i often do, i posted a quote on my facebook page, which seemed to invoke a lot of interesting discussion.  i thought i would post the chain […]

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INSPIRE ME! : Michelle Wagner

Nothing in the World brings me more joy than meeting a kindred spirit.  and i found JUST that in the marvelous Michelle Wagner.  Seldom do we find friends who have so many talents, it’s hard to pinpoint just ONE that inspires us.  Michelle is a phenomenal chef, blogger, fitness-ista, and all around inspiring person.  She […]

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Travel Blog: 1) The Road to Bulgaria

It’s remarkably astounding ….. the profound exhale of relief that emanated from my lungs the moment I turned off my iPhone5.  Not just for an hour, or an evening, but for 10 whole days, as I embark on a yoga journey halfway across the globe.  An unexpected yet exhilarating wave of freedom washed over me as I […]

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