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Posted on 02-25-2018 by Elise Joan

When Equinox asked me to support/lead this year’s Cycle for Survival, I was beyond honored... and also a bit unsure. Though I have taught Schwinn style cycle for years, my wheelhouse is really yoga. The ujai breathing style of Vinyasa flow is completely different from the breath needed to sustain hours on a bike. So i wasn’t 100% sure that I was in optimal cardiovascular shape for LEADING people in an endurance ride! But then I remembered the reason for the ride... the cause. Raising Money for rare cancer research, is a charity close to my heart... having many survivors in my own family. I was reminded that compared the uphill battle of fighting cancer, an uphill bike climb is nothing. And so, I did what I tell all my students to do. I followed my heart, accepted the offer... and committed to putting in the hard work needed to thrive. I began to train. I swapped out some of my beloved weekly yoga classes for cycling and cardio classes. I woke up too early, I got sweaty, I skipped social engagements to get enough sleep, and I stayed focused. All important things take hard work, and dedication. They also require priotizing what is necessary, and letting go of distractions. So.. after 6 solid weeks of cycling training... I started to feel more and more powerful. And not just physically... but mentally as well. I realized the strength of coming out of my comfort zone.. and the power of using that strength to ride for a cure. To ride for those who can’t, for those who fight, for those who need support. And what a ride it was!!

To all who came out, and all of you who volunteer YOUR gifts to contribute to your community, I thank you. Together, we can make a real difference in the world. I’d love to hear the ways YOU give back! So Post in the comments, and together we can inspire one another... and spread peace and love... one good deed at a time.

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