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Mindfulness Moment: Peaceful Warrior

Posted on 12-29-2018 by Elise Joan
Peaceful Warrior

This 2 minute flow is based on one of my favorite yoga postures! When we channel our inner and outer Peaceful Warrior, we are reminded of the yin and yang suggested by the very name of the pose itself. Grounded in our strong lunging stance and braced by our activated core, we are channeling the strength and endurance of our inner warrior. This allows us to show up powerfully and purposefully. At the same time, as we reach back with our gaze and our heart, we are reminded that TRUE power is built on compassion... for ourselves and for others. Combining the physical and emotional energy of this flow can help you feel more deeply connected... on and off the mat. Try this sequence on the left and the right, and then click the "join for free" button to continue with me on the mat. Nearly limitless combinations of practices await you! See you there. Namaste

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