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Peaceful Warrior

Mindfulness Moment: Peaceful Warrior

This 2 minute flow is based on one of my favorite yoga postures! When we channel our inner and outer Peaceful Warrior, we are reminded of the yin and yang suggested by the very name of the pose itself. Grounded in our strong lunging stance and braced by our activated core, we are channeling the […]

Date posted: 12-29-2018 Read More
Better Butt

The Only Pilates Move You Need to Get a Better Butt | NewBeauty Body

Simple moves to a tighter bootie!

Date posted: 09-20-2016 Read More
Sculpted Arms


Looking for a great arm sculpt? Here’s an arm workout I created for SHAPE. Check it out!

Date posted: 09-13-2016 Read More
New Beauty Bodu

How To Change Your Body Shape With Yoga | NewBeauty Body

For those looking for a way wake up your body try this 5 min Yoga warm up.

Date posted: 08-19-2016 Read More
Yoga Fitness Plus

Yoga Fitness Plus with: Elise

Here’s a full length Yoga flow from my days at Exercise TV. Check it out!

Date posted: 08-16-2016 Read More
Elise Joan Youtube

Elise Joan Fitness YouTube Channel

Check out my YouTube channel for access to some of my videos, blogs, and healthy eating tips!        

Date posted: 08-02-2016 Read More
Shape 20 Minute Makeover

Shape 20 Minute Makeover

Throwing it back to some work I did with SHAPE.

Date posted: 07-26-2016 Read More
Elise Joan on Exercise TV

Elise, Straight to the Core (Exercise TV)

Blast from the past! This is one of my favorite segments from my time with Exercise TV.  Awesome core workout you can do at home.

Date posted: 07-19-2016 Read More
Flat Abs

Flat Abs

Here’s a 10 minute core workout for you to try at home, in the gym, or while watching your favorite show. https://youtu.be/SIfCtPZj2eI?list=PLb6oWZLHQYgc-OmDTQb0lgiNL3ArBlc48

Date posted: 06-27-2016 Read More
Elise Joan Ballet Barre

Element: Ballet Conditioning

For more Ballet Barre workouts sign up for EliseJoanFitness.com.

Date posted: 06-20-2016 Read More

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