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Take your barre work to the NEXT level with my fun, comprehensive, results-driven 60-day Barre Blend program!

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Join me! Promo Video

You’re super busy. Do something for yourself and your own well being!  I can’t wait to share yoga with you on the mat.  Click the ‘join for free’ tab above to practice today! Just 10 min a day can elevate your health AND your happiness.

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Vision Board

Vision boards

Vision boards are a great way to visualize your goals and list out what inspires you.

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Vision Board

Ryan Reynolds and other tangible goals

Have you made a vision board? It can be fun, creative way to list out you personal goals.

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Time with Friends

Check out this video blog I did on how friends can help you keep your fitness goals and strengthen your zen.

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Elise Joan Youtube

Elise Joan Fitness YouTube Channel

Check out my YouTube channel for access to some of my videos, blogs, and healthy eating tips!        

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Elise Joan

Bliss Blog 1

Here are some of my thoughts on finding your BLISS.

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Find Your Flow

Find Your Flow

Sometimes you need take a deep breath and go with the flow. It’s not something to be afraid of, but to embrace!

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Elise Friends

Friendly Reviews

Here are some of my dear friends and students, and their experience with Elise Joan Fitness. Have you had a similar experience in one of Elise’s classes? Feel free to write your experience in the comments below or in a review!

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Elise Hobbies


Trying new activities, foods, and places can be daunting. Overcoming your fears is tough, but it’s worth the experience of getting out there and challenging yourself to try something new. Here’s an experience I had trying beach volleyball of learning not to be afraid of falling-in the sports and every day life.

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Vision Board

Vision Board: Setting Goals & Being Accountable

Creating a vision board is a fun way to visually list out your goals and what inspires you/ gives you motivations to achieve your goals. If you can see it and visualize yourself doing it, you can achieve it. Take a look at a vision board I did for myself and then try making your […]

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