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Inner Peace

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2014 resolution: Healthy Living

3 morning yoga classes, a coffee with almond milk, a green juice, a gorgeous drive up the coast of Malibu and a stunning hike up Solstice Canyon.

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From the Heart

Practice heart opening & share the #Joy, #Kindness and #Love!

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NEW Galapagos Pics!

Images from one of the most astounding & magical places I’ve ever traveled. http://instagram.com/elisejoanfitness

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A picture is worth a thousand words… A journey to the Galapagos Begins.

Come follow the first few days of my Sold-Out Retreat’s Epic adventure to the Gal√°pagos Islands!!! Click on the instagram link below for trip pics!! and… want to join me for Africa? Sign up on the ‘Retreats’ page of this website ūüôā see you on AND off the mat for Blissful Adventures!! www.instagram.com/elisejoan

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Saturday morning Yoga

I feel so lucky to get to wake up every Saturday morning to room filled with nearly 60 Yogis who are ready to sweat, smile, breathe and inspire! Today, we took an adventure far beyond our comfort zone… And laughed every step of the way

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LOVE is the “new Black”

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and in the spirit of openness and vulnerability (which are key components of any kind of LOVE) …. i am sharing a brief journal entry of mine. ¬†just a thought. ¬†in love, as in anything else, we all have our own truth. ¬†i have never played it “safe” […]

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Be Brave

Just wanted to share with you one of my favorite quotes! ¬†this was the theme for my yoga classes this week! ¬†Live life unafraid to fall down or make mistakes. whether on the mat or off, we MUST be willing to come out of our comfort zone & FLY. ¬†it takes fearlessness to truly touch […]

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Practicing JOY

JOY is not something that ‘happens’ to us. it’s not something we wait for, or something other people give to us. JOY is something we CHOOSE. something we PRACTICE. our reality is largely the nature of our thoughts, so practice manifesting JOY and abundance, just as you would practice landing a handstand. the results are […]

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an inspirational quote for the day

One filled with joy preaches without preaching. ~Mother Teresa live your life to the fullest, and practice radiating JOY! not just “in general”, but specifically…. now. today. breathe. read. send an email to an old friend. make a new friend. practice the power of positive thought. taste every bite. take a bubble bath. do a […]

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