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20 Day Nutrition

Posted on 07-05-2016 by Elise Joan

20 Day NutritionAbout a year ago, on New Years Day, my friend Danika and I were challenged to a 30 day ‘clean eating’ cleanse.  An oil change for the body of sorts.  Essentially, a rather strict version of a Paleo regimen, It was designed to cut sugar cravings and eliminate alcohol and processed foods.  The cleanse touted a ‘re-boot’ of the body for optimal mental, physical, and emotional wellness.  I was skeptical at first: primarily of my own ability to show the discipline required (30 days without chocolate cake or nachos?!?! Never!), and also a bit wary of the cleanse’s grandiose claims of better sleep, elevated energy, and mental clarity.  BUT… as you now know from my own 30 day ‘Kick Asana’ fitness program… I can’t resist a good challenge.

So off I went.  The first few days were difficult.  The cravings were there, and as I chomped responsibly on celery sticks, I was fantasizing about twix bars (mmmmm… twix bars).  But after a about day 5, I began to notice a shift.  I would awake in the morning clear headed and well rested.  I felt satisfied by the delicious healthy and natural foods I was eating.  By day 10, I felt so good, I could walk right past aisle 10 of the local grocery store – well stocked with glittering packages of snack cakes and donuts – without breaking into a cold sweat.  I felt…. Good.  And that feeling of “Good” was more addictive than the instant gratification of a slice of pizza or a sugary cereal.  And soon enough, the sugar cravings entirely vanished, and my body was only craving physical activity, and healthy natural foods.  True Story.  My mind felt more focused on a balanced diet, and my body felt more accessible and familiar.  It felt like a total transformation.  I was FREE.  No longer dependant on a mid-day sugar spike or pumpkin spice latte to get through my daily demands.  I felt balanced.

Not only did I survive the whole 30 days… I actually thrived!  So much so, that while I removed some of the restrictive elements of the cleanse, I maintained the clean eating philosophy.  All of us have demanding lives, and once in awhile… life is too short to forgo a bowl of spaghetti or a slice of cake on your birthday (turning 29 again? excellent!!  Me too!!).  So while I highly recommend the 30 day clean eating cleanse (along with my 30 day challenge) to get started..  once you’ve re-booted your body, if you can keep it at 90%/10% or even 80%/20% clean healthy eating in relation to occasional indulgences, I think you’ll notice you can completely transform your RELATIONSHIP with food.  Permanently.  A perfect nutritional counterpart to my 30 day Kicka Asana program,  clean eating will enhance both your results and your experience during this program.  And remember:  it is not about getting skinny. It’s about getting FIT and healthy.  SO along with slipping into your favorite pair of form fitting jeans, you’ll also be becoming the best version of yourself possible. Finding your own PERSONAL top 1%!

Now what exactly does clean eating mean? How can I maintain variety with quick easy meals and easy to transport snacks?  For these and more answers, I’ve partnered up with Danika Brysha… who took the challenge to a whole new level and made ‘clean eating’ her passion platform.  So check out her site here for tips and encouragement on eating for complete optimization of your body.  Stay fit and focused and in 30 days…. You’ll be a bright shiny new version of your already awesome self!



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