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Workout Segment


In this ultimate wind-down, we’ll get deep into full body stretches with folds, twists, backbends, hip-openers and many more. There will still be a strengthening balancing element, but the focus is on stretching and rest.

Another ending segment perfect to compliment any of our disciplines, ‘Stretch-Asana will explore a standing, balancing stretch on each side, and then move to some work in wide legged folds and twists. We’ll lengthen the back with spinal flow and then come down for bit of active burn in the core in a curl position. Round out the stretching with hips, hamstrings, backbends, folds, calves, and lower back lengthening. We’ll finish off finding our inner joy in ‘happy baby’ pose, and our final rest in savasana. An ending perfect for any series you build in Yoga, Ballet, or Fitness.