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Posted on 08-26-2011 by Elise Joan

Late last year, I took a trip around the world, and one of the many highlights was a jaunt to Mal Pais, Costa Rica (see previous blogs).  This sleepy little village is a haven for venturesome surfers, located square between the beautiful rolling waves of the coast-line, and the alluring greenery of the dense rain forests.   In short…. Paradise.

During my visit to this Utopia, one of my favorite treats was cracking open a fresh coconut (straight from the tree) for the hydration of it’s water.  And by "cracking"….. I actually mean machete-ing.  and by "water" i actually mean 'liquid Bliss'. That’s right.  Part of my enchanted exploration of our planet involved learning to wield a heavy, hand-made machete to cut the coconuts down from the branches & break them open for their delicious meat & milk. (no harm came to the coconut trees in this massacre.  Their fruit is meant to be harvested).  This fresh coconut water kept me hydrated and energized through hours upon hours of sunshine, surfing, and hiking through the wilderness.  It kept me cool in the warm daylight, and sweetened the starlight drenched nights.

Back in the real world of Los Angeles, it’s not quite as easy to find a) a coconut tree springing out of the 405 freeway, or b) a handy machete to carry around in my yoga bag.  SO….. I have recently been introduced to the next best thing!  YogaEarth “Purity” organic coconut water. Easily transportable, this 100% organic powder is hand- harvested from coconuts in Bali, Indonesia (another elysian Arcadia I visited on my travels).  Each  tiny packet packs a HUGE punch of hydrating electrolytes, which give your water a flavorful boost, and can easily sustain you through a rigorous yoga flow.  Or….Tough Mudder.  or deep sea fishing adventure.  or... any other earth shattering feat your sense of adventure brings your way!

To be honest, Ii've never been one who Loved the taste of straight up water.  I mean.... i Drink it.  but it's more out of a sense of obligation.  in fact: obligation... mixed with guilt.  Dehydration wreaks absolute havoc on your endocrine system.  So i drink water... because, I know it's healthier than... say... a boba tea. or an In-n-Out milkshake.  But in most cases, i would much rather have either of latter.  Those who know me, know that i have a (not-so-secret) penchant for Diet Dr. Pepper.  It is one of the guilty pleasures i am trying desperately to quit.  Let's face it.  it's not exactly the ideal "poster drink" of the yoga community.  PLUS, i am constantly reminded by my loved ones that sugar substitutes have lately come under scrutiny for causing strokes in later years.  Awesome. SO.... In my recent quest to cut down on my (formerly embarrassingly high) intake of diet sodas and high calorie/ sugar-rich sports drinks, “YogaEarth Purity”  is exactly the ally I need to thwart the insidious enemies: aspartame & dehydration.

And perhaps even MORE amazingly…. Each sip I take brings me back to that relaxing beach on Mal Pais, where I lay (arms distance from my machete), enjoying a quiet siesta in a swaying hammock between 2 coconut trees, listening to the rolling surf kiss the sundrenched shore. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

** look for purity at YogaEarth  I am thrilled to be one of their newest ambassadors!

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