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A Discussion on Ayn Rand

Anyone who knows me, understands that i am a voracious reader, and i enjoy all kinds of literature from fiction, to histories to self – help.  Yesterday, as i often do, i posted a quote on my facebook page, which seemed to invoke a lot of interesting discussion.  i thought i would post the chain […]

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A Leap of Faith

I just finished re-reading “the alchemist”, a book which always touches my soul on a profound level…. reminding me that we are all capable of great & limitless miracles.  In my life, i have always done my very best to follow my heart.  Sometimes, this has caused a great deal more anguish than ecstasy, but […]

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A New Mantra

Well, today It’s been one week since I lost Dagny. Actually…. 6 days and 22 ½ hours to be exact. As much as I’d like to skip the 2nd 3rd & 4th stages of Grief & skip right to step 5: “the upward turn”, I know that’s not exactly how this whole process works.

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A Perfect Storm

OK, OK, you’re still spending more time in your rain boots & slicker than in your flip-flops, but that’s no excuse to be gloomy! Even here in LA we are being drenched with downpours that bring to mind the “Perfect Storm”, but I am determined to find JUST that amid the grey & gloom. Perfection.

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balancing act

This week in my open level Yoga classes, i have been creating a great deal of sequencing around balancing poses. warrior 3.  half moon.  even some renegade arm balancing series. the purpose of this work, goes well beyond the ability to be poised on one leg, or balance on your hands. Balance must be cultivated […]

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Being Well for the Holidays

Forget the Twelve Days of Christmas! Nowadays, people start celebrating the holidays before Halloween can even make her grand exit. Jack-o-lanterns give way to Jack Frost before you can wipe off your vampire-werewolf-warrior-princess make-up!

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You’re gonna need a bigger boat…

Typically, I like to begin these blogs with an itemization of “5 Things for which I am thankful”. Today…. I think I will break with tradition, and instead begin this post with… “5 Things of which I am TERRIFIED!!” 1) being attacked by sharks 2) drowning in the open ocean 3) being attacked by sharks […]

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Blissful Thinking

Endurance 5 Things I’m grateful for today: 1) my breath 2) my Black Cherry “Manduka Pro” Yoga Mat 3) my Rip Curl summer wetsuit 4) my friend Justin for detailing my pink beach cruiser 5) chocolate chip pancakes, from Blue Plate on Montana

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20 Day Nutrition

About a year ago, on New Years Day, my friend Danika and I were challenged to a 30 day ‘clean eating’ cleanse.  An oil change for the body of sorts.  Essentially, a rather strict version of a Paleo regimen, It was designed to cut sugar cravings and eliminate alcohol and processed foods.  The cleanse touted […]

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