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Twist & balance your way to purification as you wring out toxins from the body, heart & mind. “Feel the burn & find your bliss” in this intensely deep physical practice, designed to strengthen, stretch & balance.

One of our more challenging segments, physically and mentally, you’ll begin with tri-cep presses in balancing warrior 3 to start this segment on a high note! We’ll add gluteal lifts and balancing postures like "half-moon" from yoga to heat up the core and legs. From here, we’ll be moving through a series of twists in chair and crescent and half-moon to define and de-tox the body. Twists are very therapeutic to the digestive tract and the spine, so this is a great flow...Even for a novice to begin practicing more advanced poses. Add to that curtsey lunges and hip-stretches, and this is a complete workout & cool-down all on its own.