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Workout Segment


We’ll narrow the waist, streamline the hips & thighs & get DEEP in this active segment which targets the full body but emphasizes obliques, tranverse core, outer hips, outer & inner thighs and legs. You’ll balance, breathe and burn in this fun athletic segment.

This segment is a perfect combination of control, strength, and energetic lengthening stretches for the spine, hips and hamstrings.  We’ll begin with core oblique work in triangle pose from here. We’ll add folds and twists, highlighting full suppleness & mobility in the spine.  We’ll work with strength, balance & flexibility in standing split pose ( great for beginners to practice too!).  you’ll do crescents and lunges, and warrior 3’s as well… plus core, hip & thigh stretches to loosen up those newly strong muscles.  A great way to finish out a practice in ANY of our 3 disciplines.