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59 Splits


ostfriesland kennenlernen “As Yogis and Athletes, we train to overcome obstacles. It is who we are. It is how we thrive.” Read the full article here.

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59 Splits


http://vertesinfo.hu/vselenaya/544 Looking for some great Yoga gear? SPLITS59 is one of my favs! Read the full article here.

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Getting personal with Elise Joan Bliss

Getting personal with Elise Joan

http://www.cordes-beregnung.de/pinochet/4451 So wonderful talking with Harriet Hubbard. Take a look at the interview here!  

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i'm dating two guys (and they're totally cool with it I always love your feedback and reviews. Keep them coming! Read the review here.

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Elise Joan

Elise Joan Fitness

steps to take when dating With all this heat I am missing the holidays. Here is an older piece of mine to bring us back to these cool, merry times. Read the article here.

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Elise Joan

Elise Joan

richmond virginia dating Check out the Travel Yogi for blissful yoga retreats. I’ll keep you updated if I’m leading any future trips!Check my profile here.

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Elise Joan

Adventures off the Mat: Santa Monica Farmers Market

https web trader trade 24 conto demo Thanks again LA Yoga magazine for the opportunity to write for you again. Here is the article for anyone who may have missed it.

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Broga: Why Guys Should Add Yoga to Their Fitness Routines

fsm dating term Check out this article I wrote for LIVESTRONG about why men should do Yoga. Yoga isn’t all about tofu and green juice, but a healthy mind, body, flow that helps with focus and injury prevention. Click here to read “Why Guys Should Add Yoga to Their Fitness Routines”.

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Adventures off the Mat: Play on the Santa Monica Pier

Thank you to LA Yoga Magazine for inviting me to write another article with you. Check out the article here!

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My Favorite Yoga Workout: Yoga Fitness Plus with Elise

Here’s a sweet article The Tiffin Girl wrote about my exercise programs. Check out her article here!          

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