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Workout Segment


In this fun & athletic segment, we’ll target the FULL body, with a strong emphasis on lower body & lateral movement! So get ready to work those side body muscles that don’t get activated everyday! Streamline & strengthen with this heart pumping workout.

This segment pulls moves from martial arts, boxing, cardio-sculpt and yoga, as we go breathless in intervals throughout the full 10 minutes. We’ll begin with some heart pounding cardio boxing (advanced can add those light weights here). Then, on to major side body defining with lateral lunges. These will streamline hips, waist, inner/ outer thighs, and the seat. From here, we’ll move onto legs & back body work as we define our thighs and lift/shape the seat with a muscle fatiguing series of curtsey lunges and side squats. Round it all out with some flowing vinyasas for this full body BLAST!