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Take your barre work to the NEXT level with my fun, comprehensive, results-driven 60-day Barre Blend program!


Elise Joan

Elise Joan

Check out the Travel Yogi for blissful yoga retreats. I’ll keep you updated if I’m leading any future trips!Check my profile here.

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Elise Joan on Exercise TV

Elise, Straight to the Core (Exercise TV)

Blast from the past! This is one of my favorite segments from my time with Exercise TV.  Awesome core workout you can do at home.

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Elise Joan

Bliss Blog 1

Here are some of my thoughts on finding your BLISS.

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Elise Joan

Adventures off the Mat: Santa Monica Farmers Market

Thanks again LA Yoga magazine for the opportunity to write for you again. Here is the article for anyone who may have missed it.

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Elise Joan - Top Trainer and Yogi

Top Trainer and Yogi in Santa Monica, California

Elise Joan is a top trainer and yogi in Santa Monica, California known for her innovative, inspirational and motivational approach to exercise.  Elise’s unique fitness style & inspiring yoga flows are highly influenced by her early years as a soloist with a Ballet Company in Virginia, and her previous career as an actor; both onstage […]

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20 Day Nutrition

About a year ago, on New Years Day, my friend Danika and I were challenged to a 30 day ‘clean eating’ cleanse.  An oil change for the body of sorts.  Essentially, a rather strict version of a Paleo regimen, It was designed to cut sugar cravings and eliminate alcohol and processed foods.  The cleanse touted […]

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Flat Abs

Flat Abs

Here’s a 10 minute core workout for you to try at home, in the gym, or while watching your favorite show. https://youtu.be/SIfCtPZj2eI?list=PLb6oWZLHQYgc-OmDTQb0lgiNL3ArBlc48

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Broga: Why Guys Should Add Yoga to Their Fitness Routines

Check out this article I wrote for LIVESTRONG about why men should do Yoga. Yoga isn’t all about tofu and green juice, but a healthy mind, body, flow that helps with focus and injury prevention. Click here to read “Why Guys Should Add Yoga to Their Fitness Routines”.

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Elise Joan Ballet Barre

Element: Ballet Conditioning

For more Ballet Barre workouts sign up for EliseJoanFitness.com.

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Breakfasts on SideChef with Elise Joan

Here are easy, yummy and healthy breakfast ideas that you can try. Protein Scramble Recipe Serves 2 3 eggs 3 oz 96% lean ground beef 1 handful spinach ¼ onion 1 handful mushrooms Avocado to taste Salsa to taste Coconut oil spray to taste Salt and pepper to taste Instructions: 1. Brown the 96% lean […]

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